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Saturday, October 11, 2008


things that make me intensely uncomfortable
  1. talking about sex in conjunction with any of my siblings
  2. collars...on conjunction with my sibling
  3. being forced to eat more when i am FULL
  4. very very drunk people
  5. keeping secrets from my parents
  6. pretending i don't know something that i DO
  7. feet, when very close to me
  8. when people get overly nervous about something that i am also freaking out about *cough*heather*cough*
  9. taking an immediate dislike to someone
  10. mormon jokes
revised list of things that make me intensely uncomfortable
  1. last night

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I....just want to let you know that I realize my utter suckitude.

I'm really sorry - I made an already wierd situation worse and certainly didn't do anyone any favors by getting so grossly drunk.

I'm sorry - I won't be doing that again.

-- Heather