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Saturday, January 10, 2009


i am feeling extra wordy today. so today as per the usual, i shall make a list. a list of me! sit back and enjoy

  1. i LOVE comments. on pictures and blogs and walls. comments make me happy. comments make me feel loved
  2. i never had a nickname in my life until two years ago... 'cause what can you make out of kendra? i was very opposed all my life to being called after barbie's boyfriend. but starting with "sugarbear" (at girl's camp) which still makes me giggle, there has been a torrential downpour of nicknames, including, but not limited to: k-bear, k-unit, kenya, kendralu, lulu, louise. you name it, i'll answer to it. i like nicknames. they make me happy.
  3. i make art. just in case you didn't know already. although to be specific, i really only enjoy making art of people. faces, personalities, flaws, enderaing qualities. portraits. they make my world go round.
  4. i crave affection pretty much all the time. if you scratch my back, i will love you for life. if you are a good hugger, you can be my friend.
  5. i LOVE my religion. it is the only thing in my whole life (aside from a really great hug) that always makes me truly, consistently, happy
  6. i love to play. i am really nothing but a big kid. if i could spend the rest of my life blowing bubbles, swinging on swingsets, drawing with sidewalk chalk, painting with my fingers, hanging from jungle gyms, and eating brown bag lunches i would do it.
  7. i bake. i am known in some circles as the cookie lady
  8. i am a girly girly girl. i like makeup and pretty dresses and jewelry, and curling my hair. and i don't kill spiders. i get someone else to do it for me. sad but true.
  9. along with the gospel, my family is the most important thing in my life. i am the youngest of five. and my niece and nephew are the loves of my life. the only thing i know i want to be when i grow up is A Mommy. i have no other ambitions.
  10. i have been called "little tender-heart." i cry when i am sad, when i am angry, when i am happy. its an emotional rollercoaster sometimes, but it's me. :-D
  11. i write all the time. journaling, stories, LISTS! i have decided that i will write and illustrate my own children's books. starting today
  12. i am not adventurous or independent. i like to have someone to sit next to.
  13. it would seem that i am quite spoiled. alas
  14. i like music. music affects me in ways i can't even understand. i am almost always listening to something. right now it's Starry Eyed Surprise by Paul Oakenfold. music makes me happy.
  15. i like pictures. i own a really nice camera, and i take pictures ALL the time! i don't fancy myself a photographer or anything, but i can fill the kid's scrapbooks.
that will be all for now. :-D


A little insight
inside my head: love, adore, fancy, cherish
outside my head: pen to paper, finally
color: gray, like the color of the sky
smell: nose
taste: bit-o-honey
mood: nostalgic
looking forward to: church tomorrow
to avoid: speaking/singing in front of large groups of people
career choice: children's book illustrater
wishing: that it would snow. i want to dig a tunnel
fear: the rest of my life
craving: affection, hardcore

1 comment:

ailicre said...

i wish i could draw portraits like you do.