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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

a new thing i learned to do!

I cut them out of paper, I didn't do them on the computer. The top is Saige, and the bottom is Charlie.


Bri said...

Ummmm So cool. You are just so talented and cool, K. I think I want to start making a journal too, by the way. I've been thinking about it and it might be a nice side project that I could slowly work on!

celendra said...

They DO look just like them - wow!!

SEO Hamsphire said...

I know it requires of talent but is there an easy way to do this? I would love to have one of this from my child.

Thanks in advance for your answer


kendralu said...

mirella, i would say that probably the easiest way to do this is to take a photo of your child in profile, trace around their features on a piece of paper (you can use a window if you don't have a light table) and then tape the paper to a black piece of paper and cut out along the line that you traced, and voila! good luck!

ps. if it doesn't work out for you, i'm toying with the idea of selling some of these silhouette creations.