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Friday, February 25, 2011


Things I Will Do When I Am No Longer Sickly
1. Blog more.
2. Have a photoshoot with the fabulous and beautiful Colleen
3. Get an exciting new haircut, i am so bored with my hair now.
4. Get out of the house!!! maybe i'll even...go SHOPPING!
5. See the kids again, I miss them so.
6. Start making art again. my week long hiatus has been far too long!
7. Paint those old windows outside in the garage, and make them look like art! (i want to make a headboard out of them)
8. Go for long walks with Lovely again so as to enjoy the FABULOUS new weather.
9. Learn how to make adorable and dainty hairbows for my new dark hair'd niece
10. Be able to smell things again.


Colleen said...

yayayayay! especially for #2 ;)

Anonymous said...

This one looks like something YOU sent in!!

kendralu said...

aww <3

Christina ~ I am Woman, I am Mom, I am Tired! said...

A photo shoot sounds like a ton of fun!

I soooo hear you on the haircut thing... I just dyed and cut my hair on Saturday myself :)

Hope your feeling better soon!!!!!!

It sounds like you have lots of fun things to do when you are!!!