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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Healing Exercize

101 Things That I Would Not Change About Myself (part one)

1. the color of my eyes
2. how intensely I love people (even when it sucks)
3. the compassion that I feel
4. the number of people tucked inside my suitcase heart
5. my handwriting
6. my singing voice. i would not change it for better or worse.
7. my determination to improve
8. the ability I have to empathize with others
9. the courage I have to wake up every day and get out of bed
10. the freckles on my shoulders
11. the way autumn smells to me


Brenda*Nery said...


sal said...

u seem to be so +ve....keep ur spirits high...gr8 going..:)

mycouponbasket said...

Great.You seem to very optimistic. Keep moving with this spirit.

Bronte Bitaraf said...

Really love this. so hard but so good to do!

sprout said...

I do this periodically every few months... it's a wonderful exercise! I try not to repeat the things I wrote before... that's difficult though. Keep going, you're doing great!