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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Bento Box

So after working on this gift for over a year, I finally managed to accomplish my goal and finish my first quilt ever! It ended up being quite a bit larger than I intended, and I think I ripped out a thousand stitches before I got it right, but this may still be the most satisfying thing I've ever done!

Things I Learned
1. How to use a seam ripper
2. That it is difficult to make a quilt look random when it isn't
3. It is very hard to make a quilting machine make a circle
4. How to make a mitered corner
5. Measure three times, cut once
6. It is only almost impossible for me to keep a secret
7. Sticking yourself with a pin hurts
8. It's worth it

The Plan:
The execution:

The Result:


Brenda*Nery said...

Looks Great! ;)

ailicre said...

I LOOOOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern and this quilt! It's lovely and I'm super proud of you!! <3<3

Steve Gravano said...

It's beautiful!

JenB said...

It's so pretty it makes me wanna cry! I need to fire up the sewing machine.