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Friday, April 12, 2013

2013 in progress

Long time, no see. It may be time to face facts... Hi, my name is Kendralu, and I am a terrible blogger. But... I'm back again, with notions of actually keeping up with this blog. I know what you're thinking. "I'll believe it when I see it." Honestly, I'm right there with you. We shall see.

But for tonight, a couple of highlights from the beginning of 2013?

Business in the front

Party in the back!

I spent a good 20 minutes to half an hour with Cadence strapped into her high chair, grandma distracting her, so that I could pull this off. Doing a two year old's hair is hard work.

Look at this tall girl! This was taken at her second birthday party, in February!

The Night Before, rainbow cake in progress...

Birthday display plus a giant cake with a surprise inside!



Sugar rush!

Auntie 'Raina MADE this fabulous sweater for Miss Cady! Isn't it lovely!?


Leight said...

Kendralu (did I spell that right?) you have color pizzaz, spirit, heart, and an amazing natural artistic talent. I don't know what you'll end up doing most (selling your drawings, day care center, raising wonderful little people) but I know you will be able to swing it all together into a lovely soup. Kids love/need artistic and creative minds surrounding them (as you know it helps them grow the creative parts of their brains... something the present school system doesn't seem to understand) and you have it in gallons. I grin to imagine the delightful surprises you bring into little kids' worlds.

Rainbow.Life said...

I love it your blog is so nice !!

Rainbow.Life said...

your blog is so nice ! I love this cake

origami rose said...

Wow, That rainbow cake was so cool! And her hairstyle was very cute too. good job!

rgrace said...

I am a terrible blogger as well, I have good intentions but life gets in the way. Totally understand :). I blog whole heartedly for weeks and then I quit only to come back a few months to a year later. This time will be different. that is what I say every time, maybe it will be true this time. :)

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