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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hello Blog World

Guess what!? I'm not dead! Hooray!

So much has happened, and I could TRY to catch you all up on what's gone down in my life for the past year? But for tonight, I think it seems much more manageable to tell you what's happening with me now.

1. Moved to a new home. Away from my history and past. New beginnings. Freshly painted walls.

2. Have my own craft room! It didn't have a table in it for quite some time, and so I was doing my art at the dining room table, which was less than ideal. When my roommate (very kindly) expressed that it might be better for me to get a table IN the craft room, so that we could put all of my things not in the dining room, I realized I have a huge job ahead of me.

I struggle with depression and anxiety, and I had a really low several weeks before she made this suggestion, and so the craft room, (and pretty much the dining room too) got to be in pretty bad shape. Here are a couple of before and after shots for your viewing pleasure.


Vicki said...

love your craft room. Also love you couch. I have always loved that pattern. I tried doing a bedroom with the ticking theme once, but never got everything the way i wanted it before i moved and never tried it again... But I still love it.

Aishwarya Hariharan said...

I really like the name:)