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Sunday, January 15, 2012

10 Things I Wish I Could Tell 10 People: Redacted

1. They may have pretty faces, but you are beautiful. The more I know you, the more beautiful you are to me.

2. I know you try your best, but that isn't good enough anymore. Can't you just try a little harder?

3. She's a dog, she doesn't speak English! And not only is she a dog, she is a good dog, and she is my dog. (If you had someone you loved as much as I love her, I would at least pretend to like them.)

4. Why don't you talk to her? Stupid boy.

5. I'm afraid you'll give up on me, just like everyone else who has tried. Please don't?

6. Why not this? Why not something good?

7. Call your mother, she worries.

8. The most painful thing I will ever have to experience, I have already experienced, and you are behind me now.

9. I can't afford this.

10. Suck it up. You're capable of this.

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Leigh T. said...

Hi Kendra,
My name is Leigh. I found Dandelion Soup by using the next blog feature-it's three away from mine. My blog fills a void in my world It is a place where individuals dealing with Self-Injury, can come for acceptance, some help, support, and a healthy dose of humor. See, we have a lot in common from what I can tell. I, too, have been the victim of abuse (namely rape and molestation), am rather medicated (and was made aware of the predicament awaiting me in ten or so years when I have children by your most recent post). I have tried to kill myself twice, and I was not yet ready to leave the earth (it just was not in the plan), so I'm still here, and have a high interest in art. I think I will be like you when I grow up, and that sounds pretty okay from what I've learned about you from your blog.
Anyway, I am launching a new column about how things get better-would you be interested in writing our first piece of evidence? Please eMail me back at with your decision either way
Thank you for your consideration,
Leigh and the people of SIA

SIA Admin